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JFAK520 fuel diesel water tank rod float level switch

Widely use for wastewater treatment or water purification,
ship building, power generation, petrochemical
industry, food, electron, dyeing and finishing,
chemical, rubber and plastic, hydraulic
machinery, chemical pharmaceutical and etc.

Category: Floating Ball Level Switch


     JFAK520 float level switch, a level controller with safe and reliable performance. 

     it’s convenient to be use and concise structure. Multipoint control on one product. 

     the features are long lifetime, fast velocity and strong anti-load impact capacity.

     specification of junction box is reasonably complete,  such as plastics, aluminum alloy, 

     stainless steel explosion isolated. Protection rate is over IP-65.


     1, Support multipoint control. The position of switch control can be customized.

         Magnetic reed switch, no need of power supply, lifetime of point of maximum 2 millions time.

     2, All switch in one junction box, low cost for external construction and wiring.

     3, Compare multipoint switch control and other format level switch, the unit price of RF type is lower.

     4, Protection rate of junction box is over IP-65.

     5, Metal material for PP, SUS316. There are suitable product for acid and alkali solution, solvent and various of fuel oil.

     6, Magnetic reed switch is isolated with wire, so can be used safely in high temperature and voltage.




Medium temperature

PP: -10- +60°C SUS304/316:-30- +125°C

Max rate of work

10W /50W

Max switch voltage

110VDC /220VDC

Max switching current

0.5A /1.5A

Load current

1.0A /3.0A

Contact capacity

50W/250VAC SPST or 40W/250VAC SPDT



Thread: NPT,PF,BSP

Suitable range

PP, PVDF is suitable for all strong acid and alkali occasion,

SUS304/316 metal materials is appropriate for high

temperature-pressure tank.