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JFAK503 Cable magnetic float ball level switch

It is widely used in sewage water,
industrial waste water tank and other liquid tank
to automatically alarm and control.

Category: Floating Ball Level Switch


       JFAK503 series float ball is magnetic level controller is making use of the 

       level switch of float ball build-in reed switch. As there are no any moving 

       parts outside, will be no failure of the stunk from floating object, 

       it is very suitable for sewage water, industrial waste water tank 

       and other liquid tank to automatic alarm and control.


      ◆ No moving parts, No failure to be caught by floating objects

      ◆ Parts in contact with liquid are made of plastic, with good corrosion resistance

      ◆ Field suspension installation,suitable for underground pool use.

      ◆ Use dry reed pipe,long service life, lower cost.



float box:  Φ88×172,

terminal box:max outside diameter Φ205,high 142 ,

mounting Hole Size Φ170、4-Φ18

Output signal

JAG-5H Reed pipe contact output

Contact Form

Each float 1 set of SPDP contacts can be equipped with up to 5 floats

Contact capacity


Medium temperature


Setting range

5m or 10m

Component material

Float ball :  ABS;

Fastening clip:ABS;

heavy punch:Carbon steel or cast iron coated with protective paint

span wire:nylon rope

terminal box:Aluminum alloy surface spray


Double core soft plastic sheath wire