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JFAK500 Cable float ball liquid level switch

it is resistant to sewage,widely used in homes,
factories and mines, such as the pool, oil,
acid and alkali pools, barrels, tanks and so on.

Category: Floating Ball Level Switch


      JFAK500 Cable float ball liquid level switch is sealing floating switch , suitable for controlling liquid pump 

      and adjusting liquid level. also can be mounted on a submersible pump to control and protect the motor.

      High sealing performance is guaranteed by polypropylene injection . cable float liquid level controller designed 

      by gravity and buoyancy principle main include float body ,a large-capacity micro switch setting in the floating 

      body and a driving mechanism can control switch on and off, and a three-core cable connected to the switch.



      ◆ Advanced design and strict manufacturing process provide reliable guarantee for product quality.

      ◆ The shell is made of engineering plastics with high mechanical strength and good tightness.

      ◆ Cable used special materials, resistance oil, acid, alkali and corrosion  

      ◆ Simple structure and reliable performance, output stable and reliable on /off switch control signal.

         no misoperation, high reliability. simple installation and convenient debugging, move the 

         positioning block up and down, and then can adjust Huai surface control range 


Rated current/voltage




Control accuracy


Work temperature


(need customize)

100000 times

100000  times

Mechanical life

5*100000 times

Work temperature

-10~60℃(plastic)   -10~125℃(stainless steel)

Suitable medium

Water, sewage, Oil and An acid - base liquid of lower concentration