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JFA830 Liquid oil ,solid capacitance level transmitter

Capacitance liquid level transmitter can be used for liquids,
oils, solids, interfaces, and measurements,
It is not affected by steam, dust or condensation
widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power,
paper, pharmaceutical and other fields.

Category: insert type lever sensor


      JFA830 capacitance level transmitter adopts advanced capacitance measurement technology, high quality 

      imported components and SMD chip manufacturing,Crystal oscillator frequency stabilization and advanced 

      slope measurement technology, It eliminates the influence of electrical conductivity change and makes 

      the measurement more stable and reliable. The two-wire system is used to connect the power supply 

      and output standard signal, and the liquid level can be displayed on the spot at the same time. 

      with two-wire system (loop power supply) 4~20mA measurement signal


      ● The electrode with different structure can be used for the conductor and the non-conductor vessel to realize 

         the purpose of measuring the change of the level of the object.

      ● High reliability and versatility, no vulnerable movable parts, long service life. 

      ● The technology of two-wire isolation and conversion makes the output of 4-20mA isolation signal completely 

         isolated from the analog signal and ground wire, which greatly improves the ability of anti-interference.

      ● The capacitance range is adjustable and can be applied to the measurement of liquids, granular or viscous 

         materials and mixed media with different dielectric constants in almost all cases.

     ● Top-mounted structure, easy to install and debug.

     ● New structure, PTFE coating outside the electrode, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, 

        it can be measured strong acid, strong base and other conductive media, 

        but also can be measured crystal, scaling medium.

     ● Unique body dual electrode structure, small and compact DN25, easy to install, can be directly used 

        in non-conductive shell equipment such as lining, plastic and other equipment, without the need to install 

        additional auxiliary electrodes.

     ● Integrated measurement, transmission, display and isolation function, easy to use.


Measurement range

Rod type:


Cable type:2~20m



Accuracy is ±5mm 

within 1 m

Max. Working pressure


Working medium


-70-250℃(PTFE electronic)

Output signal

2 wires DC4-20mA

Overload power


Isolation voltage


Zero adjustment


Range adjustment



Explosion proof(CE)


Process connection

Thread: M20X1.5 

and M27*2 etc. 




Material: 304  316L,


Measurement medium

conducting medium:

Conductive is not less than 

10-5S/cm liquid 

Non-conductive medium:

various solid powders or 

liquids with a dielectric 

constant of not less than 1.5.

Capacitance measurement range

20PF~5000PF, adjustable

Electrode types

Pole electrode, cable

electrode, 316L coaxial

double electrode

Electrode diameter

Pole type: ф12mm or ф8mm

Cable type:ф3mm

Coaxial double


Electrode material


Material of lining


PTFE 1~1.2mm

Body electrode material

Platinum or pure gold