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JFA820 Flange type level sensor transmitter

  * It is matched with the throttling device to provide accurate
flow measurement and control.
  * Measurable pressure and liquid level for pipes and tanks
●Electrical power/City coal gas/ other company
  * Places of high stability and accuracy required
●Pulp and paper
  * Used in places where chemical liquids, corrosion resistant
liquids, etc are required
●Steel / nonferrous metal / Ceramic
  *A place where stable measurements are required under strictly
controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  * A place where stable measurements are required under strictly
controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)

Category: insert type lever sensor


      JFA820 type flange level transmitter can measure the accuracy of level and density of various containers, 

      flat flange and insert flange optional, it is suitable for measurement of high viscosity medium or suspended liquid.

      the flange mount standard of flange type level transmitter is ANSI, Flange has 3 "and 4" specifications. 

      flange grade is 150LB (2.5MPa) and 300LB(5.0MPa),Flange mounting dimensions are shown in the chart below.

      If the user adopts the GB9116-88 standard, please specify the DN=80,100,PN=2MPa. Because the isolated 

      diaphragm is thin and it is the weak link of corrosion resistance, so the materials used for liquid diaphragm 

      are 316L,Hastelloy C-276,Monel, Tantalum and other material,strong corrosive occasions can choose 

      anti-corrosive structure transmitter.

      3 "150LB installation flange and liquid diaphragm material 316L when not indicated by the user.


      1, Advanced single crystal silicon pressure sensor technology and patent packaging     

          process, a high performance pressure transmitter with international leading 


      2, Double diaphragm loading structure, meeting high loading test easily.

      3, High accuracy and fast response with integrated circuit, signal transmitting mode 

          for surface packaging technology, and strong performance 24-bit ADC.

      4, Display mode can rotate 360 degree, well button parameter operation 

      5, The electric protection rate is not effected by button parameter setting, which is more safe and quick.

      6, High performance DMP305X single crystal silicon pressure transmitter, 

          perfect combination of international leading technology and Made with Wisdom.


Measure range


Output signal

4-20mA, 4~20mA/HART

Reference accuracy

±0.2% URL

Medium temperature


Measure medium

Liquid, gas or steam

Protection rate


Membrane material

SS316L,Ha Shi alloy C


±0.2% URL/5 years

Process connection

DN50PN10, DN80PN10, DN100PN10

Power supply

4~20mA two-wire, power supply: 10.5-55vdc

4~20mA+HART two-line, power supply: 16.5-55vdc