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JFA712C Monocrystalline Silicon/ Differential Pressure Transmitter


  JFA712C differential pressure transmitter: which have a very high anti-interference andstability.

     and the digital compensation technology is used to compensate the temperature and static

     pressure, which improves the measuring accuracy and reduces the temperature drift.

     The features of the transmitter are the good long-term stability, the high reliability

     and the diagnosis ability, etc. In structure, the configuration, setting up

     and calibration of transmitter are easy for the users by the HART communication

     handhold terminal, the knobs of outside shell and the buttons on the display.


Small size and light weight.

Range migration function, the range migration ratio is 100:1.

Damping: 0~32s can be adjusted, step to 0.1s.

Zero point, full scale compensation revision function.

Multi-point calibration of output current.

Multiple monitoring variables be shows, pressure unit can be choose.

Ultralow temperature OLED displayer.(-40~70℃).

Output current root square function.

Self-diagnosis and fault alarm;

 The EEPROM nonvolatile memory prevents the loss of data and recovers the original calibration data;

 The remote, on-site parameter setting and function configuration are realized

 through the HART communication hand operator.


Process medium

Liquid, gas and steam


±0.075% of range

Environment temperature


Display temperature




Signal output

Two wire system 420mA, in line with the specification of NAMUR NE43, 

superposition of digital signal HART protocol


Min. power voltage:9 VDC

Max. power voltage: 45 VDC


0LED displayer,3 lines,5 characters, unit and bar chart show

Measuring range

Differential pressure(DP): 0-0.125KPa to 0-7MPa

Gauge pressure(GP):0-0.125KPa to 0-42MPa

Absolute pressure(AP): 0-200KPa to 0-2.1MPa

Explosion-proof performance

Explosion-proof, water-proof sealed shell. intrinsically safe.

Zero point and span adjustment

It can be adjusted by digital communications or local key

and is not affect each other.

Fault alarm

Automatic diagnosis function will automatically output 3.6mA or 21.0mA

if the sensor or circuit fault.(User can preset.)