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JFA712- single crystal silicon pressure transmitter/sensor

Category: pressure sensor/transmitter


JFA712 intelligent pressure transmitter with single crystal silicon sensor. The circuit design 

is adopted modular design that the core is microprocessor, assisted with advanced digital isolation technique.

This instrument is extremely stable and interference-free. Meanwhile,  this product adopt digital compensation 

technology to compensate temperature and hydrostatic. The accuracy enhanced and temperature drift reduced.

This product turns out to featuring high stability ,well reliability, strong self-diagnosis.the users can make configuration,

setting and calibration to transmitter, by using HART communicative operator, knob in the outside shell, or button in display.


  ●  Beautiful shape and artful design with light weight.

      ●  Function of span shift, span shift ratio100:1

  ●  Damp: 0~32 minutes adjustable,step motion 0.1minute.

  ●  Compensation correction function of zero point and full scale.

      ●  Multi-point correction for output current.

      ●  Display multiple monitor variables, pressure unit is optional.

  ●  Super hypothermia OLED display(-40~70℃)

  ●  Output current extraction function.

      ●  Function of self-diagnosis and fault alarm output

      ●  Equipped with EEPROM nonvolatile memory, the data wouldn’t be lost

if the power goes off. Have restoration function of original calibration data.

●  It is possible to use HART communicative operator

and in-place button to work on long distance, set up parameter

and functional configuration.



liquid, gas, steam


 ±0.075% of

 measure range


0.1%/1 year,0.25%/3 year

Environment temperature:


Digital display temperature:


Thread connect

G1/4 ,G1/2 .M20*1.5

Measure range:

differential pressure  0-0.125KPa0-7MPa,

gauge pressure      0-0.125KPa0-42MPa,

absolute pressure    0-200KPa0-2.1MPa

Output signal:

two-wires 4-20mA, conform to NAMUR NE43 specification, superimpose digital signal(HART agreement

Power supply:

min main voltage 9VDC, max main voltage 45VDC


OLED display,3 lines,5 characters, with unit and stick plot display

Failure alarm:

if the sensor or circuit break down, self-diagnosis function will output 3.6 or 21.0mA automatically( the users can pre-set )

Reconciliation of zero point and measure range:

Modify through digital communication or local button with no interference.

Explosion isolated performance:

explosion proof and water proof sealed case, safety essentially.